Maika’i {adjective, adverb, noun} :

success, prosperity, goodness, righteousness, benefit, well-being, morality, good health, good looks.

This Is Maika’i Business Coaching


When we sat down to name our business coaching firm, we could not find an English word that embodied everything we offer.

Profit was too financially focussed, what about those who aren’t driven by money and want other things from their business?

Growth was too limiting, what about those who are already big and now want better work-life balance?

The list went on, nothing was perfect.

Then we found it, in Hawaiian.


Like many Hawaiian words, it has many meanings, and they all embodied what we offer to our clients; successprosperity, goodness, righteousness, benefit, well-being, morality, good health (and even good looks).


We help you win.

It’s that simple.

About Maika’i

We know business.

At Maika’i, we understand that each business is unique; from the industry, to the customers, to the goals you want to achieve. You know your business better than we do, but we know business better than you do.

We tailor our methods and training to suit the nuances of your business, teaching and driving you to take your business all the way, whatever that means for you.

Our goal is to help more businesses succeed. We respect the courage and determination it takes to start your own business and want to help you ensure your business is a success.

Earn more money
Have more time
Systemize and scale

The world’s most successful athletes use great coaches to extract the maximum performance out of them and help them achieve their goals.

To think that business people, even the most talented and intelligent ones, don’t need a coach too – is madness.



Our most successful option is our one-on-one coaching services.

With weekly calls, we first agree on plans, then hold you accountable to make sure that you achieve the agreed outcomes, goals and results.

Planning Workshops

We can hold a workshop with you and your team to set your goals and write your plans, and set you on the right path to achieve them.


Our DIY package allows you to purchase our curriculum and do it yourself. Some people (although not very many) can achieve greatness without coaching and the accountability that comes with our coaching service. If that’s you, try out our step-by-step package.


We don’t just sit back and tell you how to achieve your goals.

We hold you accountable to make sure you reach them.

Your goals become our goals.







    We are always looking for high performing employees.

    If this is you, and you have a passion for business and helping others succeed, get in touch to join the Maika’i mission.






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